Who We Are

The Gaia Project is a non-profit charitable organization with the mission to empower youth to take action on climate change for a healthy environment.

New Brunswick based and founded in 2009.

All programs are offered in French and English in all school districts.

Our Approach

At The Gaia Project, we use a unique approach to empower youth to take action. We incorporate inquiry-based education, curriculum links, and local action in each of our projects.

How it's Accomplished

Inquiry-Based Education: We aim to facilitate a hands-on experience that allows students of all ages to explore issues of interest.

Curriculum-Linked: Partnered with the Department of Education, we ensure our programs are age appropriate and up to date with provincial and global educational goals.

Thinking Global, Acting Local: We focus on providing students the resources they need to take local action that will impact the global issue of climate change.

Program Focus Areas

How is Your School Taking Action?

I have been working on climate change for over 35 years; I believe that The Gaia Project has a piece of the puzzle that will help us solve it!

George Dashner

Chairman of The Board of Directors

Meet the Team

Board of Directors