An Introduction to the Climate Change Education Plan / Une Introduction au Plan D’éducation aux Changements Climatiques

Apr 3, 2019

APRIL 9th, 2:00 pm
Target audience: non-formal environmental educators (ie: NGO’s, community groups etc)
About the webinar:
Climate Change Education (CCE) is currently absent from New Brunswick public education. Although many in the NB Department of Education and school boards are encouraging climate change related content, teachers require many supports to deliver meaningful CCE.
Geoff MacDonald from The Gaia Project will be delivering a webinar session to introduce the 2019 Climate Change Education Plan for New Brunswick. He will explore research findings on best CCE practices, pedagogy and the role on informal educators growing community-based education projects. As environmental educators we often provide teachers with supports and tools to explore sustainable education, energy and climate literacy. We admire your position in NB education and want to hear your feedback and perspective on how to best implement CCE through this plan.
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  • The youth of today are the leaders, innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs and decision makers of tomorrow. The Gaia Project is a unique organization helping students to understand and take action against this existential threat, now and in the future."

    John Reid


  • Young people have a role in protecting our climate today and tomorrow, this is why we're happy to support The Gaia Project in their mission of empowering youth.

    Krista Han

    Managing Partner - New Brunswick, Grant Thornton LLP

  • Opportunities with The Gaia Project have helped to bring about real changes, not only in the students' understanding and views of the world around them and their capacity to help, but also in the way the school is actually run as we have made concrete changes in some of our energy consumption strategies and practices.

    Brent Rowney

    Teacher at Oromocto High School

  • Thank you, I told my parents what we did in class and now they want to recycle at home!


    Student, Parkwood Heights Elementary School