Home Energy Activity: 2 Peak Challenge

Jan 25, 2019


Help your students explore their daily energy use by graphing it!

Print the following work sheets:

Household items reference sheet

PART 1 – Table

PART 2 – Graph

Use the Household Items Reference Sheet to see how many points each household device is worth. Items that use more power will be worth more points.

Using the PART 1 – Table sheet have students keep track of what devices are on at seven different times throughout the day on a winter day. Only count devices that are being used (ie: coffee machine is plugged in all day but perhaps only on at 8 am). Use 8 am as the “getting ready before school time” even if it might be a bit earlier in your home. Also account for everyone that you live with (ie: if your dad works from home he may be doing the laundry mid-day). Place the devices worth 1 point under the first column, items worth 2 points under the second column and so on. Then tally the points for each of the allotted times.

Using the PART 2 – Graph sheet have the students graph the total points for each of the seven times. The typical household in New Brunswick follows the same pattern every day which can be found here: 2 Peak Challenge

Reducing these peaks and shifting the time of day we use energy intensive devices is very important to help reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in New Brunswick. Brainstorm ways your class can help reduce and shift demand.

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