Grade K-5

Looking for awesome resources to empower your students to take action on climate change? These free learning resources from The Gaia Project focus on the Global Competencies, Sustainable Development Goals and the New Brunswick curriculum. There is something for everyone! To request resources in French, click here.

Gaia-Led Programs

Work with a Gaia team member to take on a climate action project with your students!

Collect, measure and find solutions to reduce your school's waste footprint! This inquiry-based project offers math, literacy, social studies, science and art connections. (Limited Availability)

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Learning Packages

We have created the lesson plan, now bring it to life in your classroom!

Take on Sustainable Development Goal #13 Climate Action in a way that interests you and your students! Use this interactive scratch-as-you-go poster to make your classroom more sustainable and introduce important eco-conscious behaviour to your students. This poster is free and will be mailed to you! It can even be used more than once!

Important: The printed version of this poster is currently only available to New Brunswick schools. A printable version will be sent via email to requests outside of the province along with instructions to make the scratchable paint that can be applied over the different actions to be revealed on the poster.

This literacy kit focused on sustainability topics will help create a generation of climate literate students from a very young age.

This program is currently full. To be added to our waitlist, sign up now!

The Sustainability Action Projects (SAP) learning activities assist teachers in the effective delivery of sustainable education and include a collection of age appropriate community-based activities for students to explore the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Looking to introduce energy topics to your students through a cross-curricular approach? Energy Engineers includes videos, activities, quizzes and more to help your students learn about today’s energy landscape while imagining what tomorrow could look like! This is a downloadable PDF.

Other Offerings

Take advantage of these other options available to you!

Do you know a teacher who has gone above and beyond to take action on climate change? The Gaia Project would like to recognize Teachers who have made an outstanding impact within their school this year, and we are looking all across the province.

Are you a student learning from home or a teacher doing online education? Use this interactive poster to help make students’ home more sustainable and introduce important eco-conscious behaviour to their family. This downloadable poster is free and comes with suggested activities, videos and important information to take climate action today!

The Gaia Project is now offering FREE professional learning sessions on climate change education, energy literacy and other sustainable topics to meet the needs of your school community. Gaia will be flexible to your schedule and availability. Contact our team for more information.

Are you an environmental leader looking to make your school more sustainable? EcoSchools Canada is the perfect fit for students and teachers who want to take climate action within their classrooms and schools. With environmental curriculum and projects provided, students and teachers can achieve different levels of certification, putting their school on the pathway to sustainability!