Young people can make a huge difference within their schools and communities, and The Gaia Project is here to help! Check out these opportunities for teens who want to take climate action to the next level.

Are you an environmental leader looking to make your school more sustainable? EcoSchools Canada is the perfect fit for students and teachers who want to take climate action within their classrooms and schools. With environmental curriculum and projects provided, students and teachers can achieve different levels of certification, putting their school on the pathway to sustainability!

What will YOUR green career be?

A green career is any job or self-employment that genuinely contributes to a more sustainable world.

To start preparing for a career in sustainability, explore our Map of New Brunswick Green Experts who work in diverse sectors.

Grades: K-12

Are you a student learning from home or a teacher doing online education? Use this interactive poster to help make students’ home more sustainable and introduce important eco-conscious behaviour to their family. This downloadable poster is free and comes with suggested activities, videos and important information to take climate action today!