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The Gaia Project nurtures New Brunswick students’ natural curiosity and intelligence through inquiry-based projects about energy, waste, water, transportation and sustainability. In K-12 classrooms across the province, we deliver hands-on programs showing students how their behaviours influence energy systems and offering the chance to identify and solve real-world problems. 

Gaia’s student-led approach is meaningful and memorable, instilling in youth a sense of agency and autonomy to take action in their schools, homes and communities. It also fosters the 21st-century skills that help our young people learn and grow as citizens. Our action-based projects inspire them to develop practical responses to the here and now and be part of a sustainable energy future.

Green Talk
Making The Switch To Plastic-Free Packaging
Green Talk
Solution to Plastic Pollution
Green Talk
A Day of Fireworks
In The News
Statement on Kamloops
Green Talk
All Aboard the Ecotourism Train!
Green Talk
4 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the Planet & Shape Our Future
Green Talk
Accessibility, Inclusivity & Climate Change Action
Green Talk
Top 5 Tips to Support Local Pollinators in Your Garden
Green Talk
The Honourable Harvest: Guiding Principles to Restoring Our Relationship to the Natural World
Green Talk
Art, Education, and the Environmental Movement

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The Gaia Project's work is made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship from organizations, government agencies and individuals.

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  • I have been working on climate change for over 35 years; I believe that The Gaia Project has a piece of the puzzle that will help us solve it!

    George Dashner

    Past Chair of The Board of Directors

  • Education is a key component of our sponsorship priorities and this program (Trash Tracker) was a perfect fit.

    Kate Shannon

    Communications and Community Relations at Canaport LNG

  • I am humbled to be a member of the Gaia Board of Directors. It gives me an opportunity to give back to an organization that has given me and my students so many amazing opportunities and experiences. They have had a profound impact on me as an educator.

    Carolyn Barnhart

    Science Lead at Fredericton High School and Director at The Gaia Project

  • Climate change comes off as a complex subject to most, but The Gaia Project makes it approachable for students. When students feel empowered to take action, amazing progress can be made!

    Tanya Legacy

    Teacher at Moncton High School