Our Core Values

Feb 16, 2023

Since 2009, The Gaia Project has grown and matured to become a fundamental resource to teachers and students looking to integrate climate education within the classroom. We now service just over half of the public schools across New Brunswick and reach thousands of students each year. In order to best serve teachers and students across the province we have continuously refined our offerings to include in-class climate action programming, digital resources, youth leadership projects and green career coaching.   

As we have enhanced our programs, we have done the same for our approach. In turn, our organization is committing to the Core Values of Innovation, Inclusion and Collaboration. These values are embedded in everything we do, inside and outside of the classroom.


Inclusion, Innovation, Collaboration



Climate change affects everyone, and all members of the community should be empowered to participate in climate action conversations and solutions. Therefore, we are committed to providing inclusive educational experiences for teachers and young people across New Brunswick through adaptive classroom supports, flexible program delivery, equitable and targeted resource allocation, and investing in Indigenous community relationship growth  


Our programs and resources are informed by current, solutions-based climate thought-leadership. The teaching strategies that support our programs are rooted in hands-on, immersive education that aims to inspire young people to take climate action in their everyday lives. Our organization continuously implements new teaching styles, striving to merge existing curriculum with adaptive and creative tactics. 


While we consider ourselves to be proven leaders in the environmental education sector, we firmly believe that we are stronger and more effective when we work with other community experts. Our partners and collaborators exist within every layer of our organization; community consultation, program development and delivery, and shared services and resources. Our collaborators are credible, like-minded and share in our commitment to empower young people to become climate action leaders. 

The Gaia Project’s company values unify our efforts to achieve our mission; to empower young people to take action on climate change through education. We are proud of our achievements thus far and look forward to continuing our important work in schools across New Brunswick, keeping our new Core Values at the forefront of our projects, policies, and culture.   


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  • The youth of today are the leaders, innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs and decision makers of tomorrow. The Gaia Project is a unique organization helping students to understand and take action against this existential threat, now and in the future.

    John Reid


  • Young people have a role in protecting our climate today and tomorrow, this is why we're happy to support The Gaia Project in their mission of empowering youth.

    Krista Han

    Managing Partner - New Brunswick, Grant Thornton LLP

  • Opportunities with The Gaia Project have helped to bring about real changes, not only in the students' understanding and views of the world around them and their capacity to help, but also in the way the school is actually run as we have made concrete changes in some of our energy consumption strategies and practices.

    Brent Rowney

    Teacher at Oromocto High School

  • Thank you, I told my parents what we did in class and now they want to recycle at home!


    Student, Parkwood Heights Elementary School